Tips for Creating a Safe Home Environment

Seniors who want to remain in their homes as they get older may find they need to make adjustments to their current living arrangements. While some people choose to renovate their house to make it more accessible, Ellis-Lamkins says small changes can be just as useful. She recommends seniors and their families consider the following:
• Remove tripping hazards like throw rugs.
• Adjust toilet seats to be higher.
• Install grab bars in the bathroom.
• Relocate the bedroom to the main level of a house.
• Move a mailbox from the curb to the door, if possible.
• Switch to smaller, more easily maneuverable trash bins.

Ellis-Lamkins adds that some of the biggest hazards may be easily overlooked. “The reason people often fall is because of shoes and toenails,” she says. Selecting shoes that fit well with adequate traction and keeping toenails clipped so they don’t snag on rugs are simple ways to prevent falls and keep seniors safe at home.

Maryalene LaPonsie. “Want to Spend Your Senior Years at Home? Here’s How to Do It” US News, 21, January, 2016

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