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Finding the Right Caregiver

It's difficult to help your parent transition to accepting help in his/her home. The right caregiver can make all the difference. At Behr's, we realize that it's important to match clients and caregivers not only on experience and education but also by personalities. If your loved one prefers a different caregiver, Behr's will help find [...]

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Blessed with Thoughtful Employees

I am so grateful to have caring employees providing companion care to seniors in the community. Behr's employees are often providing something extra for a client on their own accord: volunteering to run an errand, bringing an activity the client enjoys or sharing a homemade meal/baked good. Behr's is only as good as it's employees [...]

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Tips for Creating a Safe Home Environment

Seniors who want to remain in their homes as they get older may find they need to make adjustments to their current living arrangements. While some people choose to renovate their house to make it more accessible, Ellis-Lamkins says small changes can be just as useful. She recommends seniors and their families consider the following: [...]

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Companion Care

I had the pleasure of providing companion care and cleaning services for a gentleman over the weekend. The 8 hours flew by as we talked and laughed continuously. It was such a delight to spend the day with a witty person.

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Gratifying Work

Behr's recently had the opportunity to provide a small service with a powerful impact. A client fell in his home, which caused a small knee injury that tremendously effected him and his wife. He was the only driver, thus it was difficult to search for the needed wheelchair, get to appointments and pick up groceries. [...]

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